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Valentine Yarn Hearts

Here is a fun art activity for Valentine’s day.  We used four colors, but you can use more or less.

Here is what you will need:

  • paint
  • heart cut outs (2 per child)
  • strings of yarn



First, dip yarn strings in paint.  Use a paintbrush or something else to make sure the string gets full of paint.  Leave ends paint free.






Next, have kid place a string for each color they desire on the heart cut out.  They can zig-zag the string, pile it up all in one spot, however they choose.  Just make sure that an end of each string is sticking out as it will need to be pulled at the end.


The final step is the cool part.  Take a second heart and place on top of the first, with the strings in between.  Gently place your hand on top so not to squish too hard but so the paper won’t move.  Have the child pull out each string at one time.  This will be your final result:

We sent one heart home and used the other to decorate our window.




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