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Homemade Blocks

What kid doesn’t love blocks?  Blocks come in so many different shapes, sizes and weights.  Our classroom has all sorts of different blocks, but the ones that they seem to love the most are the ones the BIG blocks that they have to move their whole bodies to use.  I’m talking about these:

Don’t they look cool?  These are sooo easy to make and even better…CHEAP to make!  We all have boxes lying around or know someone who does.  All you need to start is a few boxes.  Get an arrangement of different sizes and shapes.  You don’t need to go buying boxes, but use what you have or will have (from online shopping, shoe boxes, paper ream boxes, etc.).  Regular items that you may have around the house that you can save the box after use would be cereal boxes, rice boxes, sweetener boxes, paperclip boxes, etc.  If it’s made of cardboard and can be closed on all sides, it’s fair game! You also don’t need a lot, you are going to build your collection of blocks over time.  The boxes don’t need to be overly sturdy but you don’t want something that is easily squeezed either.

The next item you will need is tape.  If you have a box with a side that can be opened, just add a little tape to it so it will stay closed.  The final item you will need is contact paper.  We used wood grain contact paper so we could make the blocks look like wood blocks.  We got ours from Walmart, but Amazon has so many more choices here. We even used some stone colored contact paper to look like we had stones.

After the boxes are taped, all you do is wrap them in the contact paper of your choice.  That’s it…sooooo simple!  Your end result is LOTs of fun and creative play!

And when a block gets too dented, you just get rid of it and add another.

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