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Dr. Suess Week…Day 1

It’s Dr. Seuss week so this week is filled with fun and imagination.  The books we plan on reading this week are The Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham and The Foot Book.  So far, the kids are having a great time listening for all the rhyming words in these great stories.  The kids have had so much fun with the activities we have been doing that we haven’t had time to finish all that we planned.  We anticipated this though and made Friday our Dr. Seuss’s brithday party day with all the leftover activities from the week.

Back to Monday…

We had a great time during centers:

One center had Dr. Seuss hat patterning. 

We set out laminated red hats and laminated strips of paper.  Some kids were thrown off by the fact there were other colors besides just red and white while others used all the colors in their patterns.

For literacy, we worked on the letter “C”.  We turned this into a literacy/fine motor activity as the children cut red strips of paper and glued them onto their letters.

During circle, we played a fun game that matched our multi-level group perfectly:

Our younger kiddos counted the hats on the hat cards

while our ‘middle’ level kiddos matched the number cards to the hat cards.

And our older kiddos matched word cards to the number and hat cards.  They had fun!

During goodbye circle, we worked on identifying, writing and learning the sound of the letter “C”.  We adapted this idea from Teach Preschool, one of our favorite blogs.  We get many of our activities from this blog.

We had each child circle a letter “c” .  They only had “c’s” to choose from.  Since this was a letter introduction, this helps everyone to feel successful and to gain extra exposure to the letter.  Next, the children trace inside the bubble letter and they attempt to write one on their own.  After, we came up with words that start with the letter ‘C’.  We didn’t have the words pre-written so that the older kiddos could work on this skill. We were pleasantly surprised when one of our youngest kiddos came up with the last word!

I hope to play catch-up tomorrow and do two posts…Dr. Seuss day 2 and Dr. Seuss day 3!

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