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Christmas Week Number 1

We are talking about Christmas tree’s, Gingerbread men (and babies and girls and mice), Christmas lights, and more!  We have just finished our first week of this theme and will be continuing it through Christmas Eve.  So what have we been doing?  Let’s see…


We have been listening to different Christmas songs in the listening center.


Making patterns out of Christmas erasers.


Making Gingerbread Men.


Learning that S is for Santa and C is for Cookie.


Making different Christmas type pictures out of pattern blocks.


Making Candy Canes.

2013-12-09_10-06-26_621And learning our names.

This is just a quick peek of what we have been doing.  I will be making additional blog posts to explain the different activities and why we are doing them.  The kids are having lots of fun, but there are also learning objectives behind what we do.  So please stay tuned!!!



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