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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Math

We had a fun week with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme this week.  The kids learned a lot about the alphabet and coconuts.  Here are some of the math activities we did this week:

We played a game that we made with templates from the Making Learning Fun website.  The directions had ‘boom’ cards which, when drawn, the child lost a turn.  We took these out as they were already waiting long enough for a turn.

We simply printed out the number cards in color and laminated and printed out one number tree for each child.

We started with a nice neat pile with the numbers upside down, but they didn’t stay that way long.  Each child had a turn  picking a number, they told us what it was than used a bingo dauber to mark it on their tree.  You can see my notes in the above picture-we also used this as an assessment and noted which children could label which numbers, who could match numbers, etc.

The kids seemed to really enjoy this game and we were quite surprised how long they played it for.  We will definitely do games like this again!


Unfortunately we only remembered to take one picture of this next activity, also from the Making Learning Fun website.  It was a great alternative from typical pattern blocks and something we are keeping for their portfolios.  We print the tree template from the MLF website as well as the patterns (we printed on color paper).  The MLF site has this as a game, but we made it an individual activity but cutting the shapes and putting them in a cup for each child.  We were so glad we did this as we did a similar activity in the beginning of the year and it was great to see how far each child has come!


We are always assessing children, but since we will be doing parent-teacher conferences in May, we wanted to do some more activities that are for assessment where we make note of how the kids do and where we can add items to portfolios.  This next activity we did with each child individually.

Since it was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Week we did ‘coconut’ sorting.  We cut out green and brown ‘coconuts’, each in 3 different sizes.  We used these to assess the ability to sort by color and size.

Here are some book suggestions to go along with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Theme:


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