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Parent Tips

A Time to be Thankful

happy thanksgiving

If you are into social media, you will see that everyone is posting what they are thankful for this month. It comes fairly easy for adults, but what about children? Do children, especially young children, know what it means to be thankful?  Probably not.  That’s why we need to teach them!

At this time of year in early childhood centers all over, classroom themes typically revolve around the fact that at the end of the month there is a holiday called Thanksgiving.  Some themes include harvest, turkey’s, foods and more.  Currently in our school, our toddlers are learning about different foods and our preschoolers are beginning to learn about being thankful.

So, how do you teach about being thankful to preschool aged children?  Well, first, don’t expect them to be thankful for things such as food to eat, clothes to wear, a house to live in, etc. We have heard little ones tell an array of things over the years from having a mommy/daddy that loves me to having a specific toy to play with.  It doesn’t matter what the children say that they are thankful for, what matters is that they are starting… Continue reading

Springtime Adventures


As spring time unfolds and the weather warms we all want to get outside. If you are the parent of a preschooler , or any aged child, you can take the learning right outside in the yard or the park or anywhere you happen to be. Being observant is a skill that is important to develop in young children. You don’t need to be prepared with a lesson or an activity. Just go outside and see what you can see.

The younger your child is the closer to the ground you will be searching for something to observe. Start by talking about what you see, hear and smell. Find something to focus on and talk about what you see. Describe in detail what you are looking at and then ask your child to look for the same things . If you see a flower ready to bud, talk about the color and what is going to happen next. Ask them to find more, even if its right next to the one you found. Watching a worm inch through the dirt can be fascinating when done through the eyes of a child. Don’t forget to look up too. You can… Continue reading

Letter Roads-Pre-Writing Activity

This was a really fun idea, I believe we got it from Pinterest.  It’s very simple, you take black posterboard and cut in the shape of letters.  Each poster board will give you 1-2 letters, depending on the way each letter fits.  We used small white labels as the dashers and covered with contact paper.  We loved how the kids took the letters and formed longer roads.

Some of the older kids were able to tell that they were letters right away and loved the fact that they were driving on them.  Our younger kiddos drove on the roads, not realizing that they were letters.  Either way, this is a great pre-writing activity.

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