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Fine and Gross motor

Dr. Suess Week…Day 1

It’s Dr. Seuss week so this week is filled with fun and imagination.  The books we plan on reading this week are The Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham and The Foot Book.  So far, the kids are having a great time listening for all the rhyming words in these great stories.  The kids have had so much fun with the activities we have been doing that we haven’t had time to finish all that we planned.  We anticipated this though and made Friday our Dr. Seuss’s brithday party day with all the leftover activities from the week.

Back to Monday…

We had a great time during centers:

One center had Dr. Seuss hat patterning. 

We set out laminated red hats and laminated strips of paper.  Some kids were thrown off by the fact there were other colors besides just red and white while others used all the colors in their patterns.

For literacy, we worked on the letter “C”.  We turned this into a literacy/fine motor activity as the children cut red strips of paper and glued them onto… Continue reading


Gak…oh what fun!  I’m actually serious, it looks icky, but it’s a lot of fun and GREAT for those kiddos with sensory needs!  This is very easy to make.  We mad each child their own and they took it home in a plastic baggy.  Here is what you will need:

Mix 1 tsp. Borax in 1 cup warm water in one container.  In a separate container, mix 4 oz. glue with 1/2 cup water.  You can add a couple drops of food coloring if you wish.  If you don’t have food coloring, you can use a drop or two of tempera paint. Combine the water and Borax mixture into the water and glue mixture.  The texture will change instantly.  Let kids put their hands in now and mix it together.

Mix till it’s the consistency you want and take out of the container.  You can dump any liquid that is left.  Kids will enjoy watching the gak flatten out on the table, hiding and finding little objects in the… Continue reading

Number Wheels

Here is a fun little activity we did last week and it’s VERY easy to make!  We made enough for three children to do this center at one time.

What you will need:

We started with a large circle shape and added 12 smaller circles around the outer edge.  Make the numbers look like a clock.  Print, laminate and you are done with that part.  Here is an up close view:

Next, you make the cards to go in the center of the wheel.  The cards you make will depend on what skill you are looking to target.  We made cards with circles (1-12) for counting and matching to the numbers as well as cards with the number words to match to the numbers for our older kiddos.  Use Velcro to attach cards to the circle. When matching, the children take a clothespin and clip it on the correct number, which also works on fine motor skills.

Although we didn’t do this, you could also make numbers for the cards so kiddos can match the same looking numbers.… Continue reading

Scissor Skills and Preschoolers

Does the idea of a pair of scissors in your preschoolers hands scare the bejeebers out of you? Well it should. Those little things are sharp and can cut all sorts of stuff like hair, clothes, the curtains and even the cats whiskers. So why am I writing about actually putting these tools of destruction in your child’s hands you ask? Well, because scissor skills are an important developmental step for your child.
Using scissors develops your child’s hand strength, coordination, motor planning and eye/hand coordination. These are all skills that carry over to other activities, like writing, doing math problems and even playing sports.
So let’s talk about letting your little one practice that all important skill of using scissors and keeping the cat’s whiskers safe. First some general guidelines:

  • Use good quality kids scissors like Fiskars or Wescott. These are not expensive and they are sharp enough to actually cut and allow your child to experience success in their earliest attempts at cutting. Cheaper scissors will only frustrate their efforts and in actually may lead to them to explore to find something the scissors will actually cut.
  • Set guidelines for cutting practice. “Only when mommy is around”,… Continue reading

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