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About Miss Margaret and Miss Kristen

Welcome to our blog!  We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.  Here is a little about Miss Margaret and Miss Kristen who, combined, have over 30 years teaching experience!

Miss Margaret is a teacher.  Just like all of you, when her children were young she acted as their first teacher. They he read together and counted together and studied the wild things in their back yard together. When they got old enough to go to school for their learning Miss Margaret realized that she was still a teacher so, went to school to become a “real” teacher.

Miss Margaret earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and used it to teach kindergarten for a few years. Then she earned a master’s degree in literacy and taught in Head start for a few years. Finally, she took some classes so she could work with students with disabilities. Now Miss Margaret started her own early education program (with Miss Kristen) to put all her skills to good use. Teaching young children has become her passion, she doesn’t go to “work” each day, she goes to “school” and loves  it.

Miss Kristen is a certified special education teacher as well as a certified speech therapist. She found her love of working with children with disabilities when she was only 14 years old. At that age, Miss Kristen began volunteering in a group home for children with special needs.

Miss Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in communication disorders and worked as a speech therapist for four years.  At the end of that fourth year she graduated with her masters degree in special education. At that point,  Miss Kristen obtained a job a residential school for children with disabilities as a special education teacher. She moved to the CNY area in April 2007 and worked for an agency where she was able to provide both special education teacher services as well as speech therapy services.

The majority of Miss Kristen’s experience is with the preschool age, however she does have experience with children birth through 21 years. She has worked as a preschool liaison and consider’s her speciality to be with preschool aged children.

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